Untitled Boxing Game Roblox Codes (June 2024) (2024)

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Untitled Boxing Game is a wildly popular game inside of Roblox that lets players put on the gloves and step into the squared circle. Like any boxing story, whether fiction or real life, players can slowly progress the rankings. Players might want to use these June 2024 codes to get free money, spins, and cosmetics on the journey from boxing aspirant to heavyweight champion.

Untitled Boxing Game in Roblox is just what it sounds like an entire fighting game built into the sandbox MMO. Like other Roblox games, Untitled Boxing Game has its own gacha mechanic, wherein you can purchase spins to unlock specific fighting styles. Naturally, it can take some time to build up enough in-game currency to unlock spins, but developer-released codes allow players to get a limited amount of spins for free. Whether you’re looking for spins, cash, or emotes, below are all the codes you can currently use.


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Every Active Untitled Boxing Game Code

Untitled Boxing Game Roblox Codes (June 2024) (2)

As of June 2024, 20 total developer codes are active in Roblox's Untitled Boxing Game. Four new codes were added in the past month, while the majority are previously added codes that appear to still be fully functional. Old codes are routinely deactivated as new codes cycle in, so it is best to utilize the codes listed below as quickly as possible before they are eventually put to rest. Note that all codes are case-sensitive.

  • watwatwat - Five spins
  • hammer - Eight spins
  • ipposreturn - Ten spins
  • chronos - Ten spins
  • hawkrework - Five spins
  • randomcode - Five spins
  • settings - Three spins
  • teleport - Three spins
  • beowulf - Three spins
  • 250k - Three spins
  • balrog - 20K Cash
  • yamcha - 20K Cash
  • cashcashcash - 20K Cash
  • morecash - 20K Cash
  • valentines - 5K Cash
  • 200mil - 3K Cash
  • vegeta - Free emote
  • freeemote1 - Free emote
  • freeemote2 - Free emote
  • freeemote - Free emote

Most developer codes help players unlock free spins in

Untitled Boxing Games’ gacha system.

These spins help unlock fighting styles, running from uncommon to legendary move sets. Although some codes are named after specific fighting styles, you are not guaranteed to receive these fighting styles. You can also get Cash, which works as the primary in-game currency, used to purchase Crates and trade. Finally, you can unlock random emotes with the codes above, which are perfect for post-match victory celebrations.

How To Redeem Codes In Untitled Boxing Game

Redeeming codes in RobloxUntitled Boxing Game is extremely easy. After you have loaded up Roblox and launched Untitled Boxing Game, you only need to locate the “Codes” tab on the left side of your screen. You will then be prompted with a text box to input your code of choice. Select the active codes above and hit enter on your keyboard to process the code. If the code is active in Roblox, you will receive a message detailing what you have unlocked.

Whether unlocking it through spins or Cash, it's best to familiarize yourself with all fighting styles in Untitled Fighting Game. Tutorials from YouTubers such as Jwordz can help you learn the basics and find your favorite fighting style.

You will receive a message claiming the code is invalid if your input is unsuccessful. If you receive this message, check if the code was typed correctly, as codes are case-sensitive. If the error message persists, then the code may have been deactivated.

All codes are also only for one-time use, so you cannot use this code again after you have claimed either your free emote or Cash. Other codes are private servers only, so try out your codes using private and public options.

Where To Find New (& Updated) Untitled Boxing Game Codes

Untitled Boxing Game Roblox Codes (June 2024) (3)

Codes are released for Untitled Boxing Game in Roblox reasonably regularly. If you are a frequent player, you might be interested in securing sources that reliably provide new and updated codes. The Roblox fighting game's Discord is the best place to get new codes for Untitled Boxing Game.

New codes are also posted on the Untitled Boxing Game’s Roblox launch page. Although not all codes are listed here, the latest entries appear updated regularly, which will help you get a jump start on your boxing journey. Untitled Boxing Game also has an open Trello board to get codes, learn basic controls, and view the various fighting styles.

Codes are typically released after the Untitled Boxing Game reaches significant milestones, such as specific like or visit thresholds. Overall, it's best to check the game’s official pages to stay updated on codes and other news.

All Deactivated Codes In Untitled Boxing Game

Untitled Boxing Game Roblox Codes (June 2024) (4)

Just as new codes for RobloxUntitled Boxing Game are introduced, old codes are just as regularly cycled out. Before you input a potential code that may not be on the list mentioned earlier, it may be best to see if this code has already been deactivated. Many codes about early likes and visits milestones have gone inactive, so you will not receive any rewards for inputting these codes. Below are all previously active codes that are confirmed to be deactivated.

  • violence
  • 20klikes
  • 40klikes
  • 100mil2
  • 100mil
  • 170k
  • 150k
  • 140k
  • 130k
  • 120k
  • 100k
  • 60klikes
  • 1000likes
  • data issue
  • whynot
  • nice
  • donewithmigration
  • balance1
  • earlybird
  • fps
  • styletitles
  • shutdowns
  • gems
  • newyears
  • freestuff
  • bruh
  • kimura
  • freecrates
  • turtle
  • Freedom
  • ironfist
  • newlegendary
  • getmoremythics
  • performancefixes
  • Migration

Unfortunately, if you attempt to input any of the codes listed above, you will only be met with the invalid code message and will not receive any previously associated rewards. Untitled Boxing Game is one of the most popular fighting games on Roblox, so there will undoubtedly be more milestones in the future that will warrant more codes to be released by developers.

Spins are the most common milestone reward players receive for helping the game amass specific likes or visits, so be sure to refer friends to play if you want to contribute to the effort. Be sure to use the currently active codes in Roblox before they are eventually shelved.

Untitled Boxing Game Roblox Codes (June 2024) (5)
PC , iOS , Xbox One , PS4

September 1, 2006

Roblox Corporation

Roblox Corporation

Game Creation System

T for Teen
Untitled Boxing Game Roblox Codes (June 2024) (2024)


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